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Updates as of 6/19/2011

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1 Updates as of 6/19/2011 on Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:56 am



-Added daily quests ( osiris doll, bapho doll, reborn ticket, bloody branch, giggling box ) each is random and you can get only 1 quest in a day

-Added new donation items in Shop (removed donation items in mvps )

-Vote for Points is now implemented( You can exchange your vote points for cash in Vote Points in alberta below the flags)

-Added Quests for elemental armors ( claytos,aebecee, saphien etc..) each of them are slotted , Places: magma dungeon, byalan dungeon, gonryun dungeon, pryamid basement

-Healers have no zeny payment and has buffs (still one clickable)

-Newbie NPCS give new freebie items for novice to give them a good start in the server

-Reborn Ticket can be exchanged for zeny in Ticket Exchanger ( @go 15)

-Changed Rates from x10 of 5k Rates to normal

-Added WoE times to Sundays Smile (8:00 - 9:00 pm GMT+8 )

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