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Updates as of 7/01/2011

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1 Updates as of 7/01/2011 on Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:07 pm


Server Updates:

- List of Customs Changed: (Applies to EX Items as well)

*Dragon Slayer Helmet mdef from +30 to +15 *Drooping Neko mdef rate from +15% to +10% *Drooping Amistr def from +15 to +10
*Snow Cap has now the same effect of Red Dragon Helm

note: this updates are made since it is easy to gain a max defense and its frustating to see with just a 1 custom items is like 3 +10 equipment , and also we have +20 refine system implemented which is fair to compensate with it.

- Reborn Reward Wings:
*EX Arch Wings[1] 3 stats +40 to +15
*EX Ears[1] 3 stats +20 to +5

note: this update is to make chances of some custom wings to be used since all players are using this which makes it boring and plus a 3 +15 = +45 stats is still bigger from other +30 custom wings...

- Max Defense/Magic Defense:
* Mdef/Def from 120 to 90(calculated/final)

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