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Suggestion regarding the disabled cards

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1 Suggestion regarding the disabled cards on Mon May 23, 2011 2:50 am


Baby Novice
Baby Novice
I have not tested any of these cards, but the automated announcement clearly says so.

Currently, these are the disabled cards:

Thanatos Card
Golden Thief Bug Card
Maya Purple
Fallen Bishop Hibram Card
High Wizard Card
Sniper Card


Remove all disabled cards from the loot tables they come from.

Remove all disabled cards from the Donation Items NPC since they do not work and could create confusion. Why would anyone buy a 500 Koin card if its disabled?


I'm guessing that the Sniper Card was disabled just so people would think that they nerfed Snipers a bit for game balance. But no, the Sniper Card is inferior compared to Dracula in terms of percent chance. I also think that this Sniper Card is useless. So its okay to disable and remove from loot tables. Why would anyone want to use this when they can have a Turtle General Card or some other stat/damage modifiers to put in?

Thank you for reading and please do hear out my topic.

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