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Bug about slotted item Bradium shield and Ring, Its not slotted anymore

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Baby Novice
Baby Novice
Gud day GM's,

This fast few weeks, I try to hunt a bradium shield for my paladin and ive found out that its good. But few days ago i try to hunt again and i was shock! Bcause its not slotted anymore bcause im trying to make a +7 of it. Same thing happened in Bradium Ring, i've try to hunt a mins. ago before i post my concern here, its not
slotted anymore.

pls help me with my concern, it must be FIX ASAP!

thanks GM's


Junior Member
Junior Member
aw did you try to double click a card? sometimes it does not appear as slotted... but anyway yeah.... bradium sets are slotted... hope it will be repaired since i dont use it... xD


They are slotted , but in the description its not Smile .. Just double click on the card you want to
compound and it will work

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