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Clouds RO Information
  • Latest News and Updates - Information regarding server updates can be found here.

General Discussion
  • Introduction/Farewell - Introducing yourself to the community is done here.
  • General Discussion - Discussions related to the server or in-game is done here.

Clouds Ragnarok Online
  • Upcoming Events - Information on events, in-game or forum events, upcoming and results are found here.
  • Guild Arena
    • Recruitment - Look for a guild or guild members here.
    • Guild Talk - Discuss guild feuds, alliances or rivalries here.

  • Market Zone
    • Buying - Browse or post here to buy in-game items.
    • Selling - Browse or post here to sell in-game items.

  • Support Center - Plead for administrator help here.
  • Report Bugs - Report bugs here.
  • Report Abusive Players - Report anyone of misconduct, scamming, exploiting a bug or using a hack here. A screenshot or video will help convict the player.
  • Suggestion Box - Give us your suggestions here to make the game a more enjoyable one.

Off Topic
  • A Thing Called Randomness - Discuss anything else from the above categories here.
  • Games and Gadgets - Discuss games, applications or everything related to technology that you might have here.
  • Artwork - Share the masterpieces of your talent, or something you might have come across.
  • Music and Videos - Share your compositions or video editings and anything you might have come across.

The hordes of darkness shall fall upon you, reminiscing the heavenly glory...

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